(WFRV) – A jail just south of Fond du Lac County is now destroying original mail after an incident involving drug-laced papers that were concealed by having a child draw and write on them.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page about an incident regarding two people who were charged with smuggling contraband into the jail. The charges come after a months-long investigation.

The investigation started back in February after an inmate at the Washington County Jail reportedly jumped off the railing of the second floor of his jail pod. It was revealed that 42-year-old Ryan Paxton, who was an inmate at the time, gave the inmate who jumped a piece of paper.

That piece of paper was put into the inmate’s mouth to get high. The effects of the paper reportedly caused the inmate to jump from the second tier.

It was learned that Paxton’s girlfriend, 33-year-old Stephanie Doll, was buying drug-laced papers over the internet. Doll would then allegedly have her daughter draw pictures and write letters on the paper to disguise them as normal pieces of correspondence.

After learning of an upcoming delivery, the papers were intercepted and sent off for testing. The test results showed that the substances were synthetic cannabinoids. These are reportedly known as K2 or ‘Spice’.

Both Doll and Paxton face an additional three and a half years in prison if convicted.

Jail staff was able to implement new procedures regarding how mail is screened and scanned. Officials say that inmates now get an electronic copy of the mail and the original mail is destroyed.

This will reportedly not cost any additional money to taxpayers. The jail is located about an hour south of Oshkosh.