GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Anyone who isn’t a season ticket holder knows how expensive Green Bay Packers tickets can get, and 2021 appears to be no different.

The Packers have eight home games this year, including one on Christmas Day, and currently, the average price for one ticket on the resale market is $254.50. (All of the prices are from That price does include fees.

The average price increases if purchasing more than one ticket. The average price of four tickets is $285.25 per ticket. Unless people plan on going by themselves, it will cost almost $30 more per ticket on average to go with friends or family.

The average takes the lowest priced ticket(s) for each of the regular season home games and divides them by eight (the number of regular season home games).

Premium seating will also increase the price, as prices for those tickets can get into four-digits.

If planning on attending one of the marquee games, the price can double. For example, the lowest ticket available for the Oct. 3 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is a whopping $464, which makes the Sept. 20 game against the Detroit Lions look like a bargain at $209.

See the lowest ticket prices for the home games below:

Game1 Ticket4 Tickets
Sept. 20 vs Detroit$209$239
Oct. 3 vs Pittsburgh$464$464
Oct. 24 vs Washington $221$267
Nov. 14 vs Seattle$270$273
Nov. 28 vs Los Angeles (Rams)$235$238
Dec. 12 vs Chicago$232$318
Dec. 25 vs Cleveland$197$245
Jan. 2 vs Minnesota$208$238
Prices from

Fans who want to see a game, but save on cost could look at buying tickets for an away game and driving or flying there. Tickets for away games against Detroit, Cincinnati and Baltimore can be purchased for under $140.

The prices could change as the season nears and it would be interesting to see what happens to ticket prices if Aaron Rodgers is traded.

To put the demand of the tickets into perspective, the Milwaukee Bucks will host a home playoff game against the Miami Heat, and the cheapest ticket for Game One is $95.

The Milwaukee Brewers tickets go even lower, tickets for a weekend game can range from $40-$60 depending on who they play. Weekday tickets can go for under $20. When the Brewers play the San Diego Padres on Monday, May 24 someone can buy three tickets at $12 per ticket.