Howard Residents Urged to Take Caution Over Rising Water Levels

Local News

Howard area residents are being urged to monitor the rising water levels in the area.

As the smaller waterways continue to rise in Duck Creek, Howard Public Safety Director Ed Janke advises that everyone be cautious: 

“The Village of Howard has activated an Emergency Operations Center at Village Hall, and representatives of all emergency departments are monitoring water levels and the potential for flooding. Residents should use caution as they travel the roads along the Duck Creek corridor, and those who live in those areas should be prepared to evacuate.”

Earlier this afternoon, the Howard Fire Department issued a mandatory evacuation of homes on Valley Lane, as the roadway is completely under water. Pamperin Park and Hidden Creek Park also are flooded.

Should residents need to evacuate or feel otherwise unsafe returning to their homes, Green Bay Preble High School has set up an emergency shelter that can be utilized.

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