GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Green Bay house has now been targeted in two shootings in 48 hours.

The house is in the 800 block of Hubbard Street in Green Bay. Bullet holes in the windows, in the siding of the house, and in the windshield of cars on the property were all visible from the sidewalk.

“We’re concerned and we’re doing anything we can to stop it; we’re looking for cooperation (from anybody) who has information,” said Captain Gary Richgels with the Green Bay Police Department.

The damage is the result of an early morning shooting. Police say a handgun was used and that about 20 shots were fired. Nobody was injured.

Police say a 911 caller told them a car left the scene at a high rate of speed on Friday morning.

This was the same house that was targeted earlier this week in another shooting where authorities found 30 shell cases.

Police say the two shootings are related and that other people that live on the block aren’t in danger.

“This was targeted it wasn’t random, we have no information that this was a random shooting,” explained Captain Richgels.

Richgels says he believes there was a known relationship between the suspects and those who live in the house that was shot at.

Police say they will park a squad car in front of the house and plan to have extra patrols in the area over the weekend as precautions. Currently, officers say they have few leads and are still searching for the suspect(s). They are asking for anybody with information about what may have happened to reach out to them.

Neighbors wouldn’t speak to Local Five news on-camera. One neighbor who spoke with us off camera says she feared potential retaliation if she spoke on the news. Other neighbors said off-camera that this is normally a good, safe place to live.