FOND DU LAC COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Big, small, or in between for every sturgeon there’s a fish tale.

Oshkosh’s Jim Gishkowsky has a good case for having the best fish tale of all the people who have gone sturgeon spearing this year.

“It’s astounding that you can spear something like this, I’m 75 years old and they let me do something like this,” said Gishkowsky.

He nailed a 177-pound, 79-inch monster sturgeon this week. Wisconsin DNR officials said this is the seventh biggest sturgeon ever caught in the Lake Winnebago system.

Gishkowsky detailed how he went on Lake Winnebago alone and had to call for somebody else to help him pull the fish out of the water when he speared it. He said after he speared the fish he kept it on the bottom of the lake and tied the line down until he was able to find somebody to help him out.

He said the fish was twice the size of the hole.

“I’ve never seen a fish that big, I’ve never seen one that big I didn’t know what to think,” said Gishkowsky.

He said he called his son and other people he sent pictures to couldn’t believe what he had speared. The fish is currently at a taxidermist.

Gishkowsky wasn’t the only person with a great fish tale to tell this week.

“It looked like a canoe, it was so huge, we were only in five feet of water so it was pretty cool,” said Drake Nitz.

For 14-year old Nitz, a 119 pound, 74-inch sturgeon was the first one he has ever speared.

“I looked in the hole and I was like holy cow, it was swimming at the edge of the hole and I chucked it and it was kind of swimming around and we got it out of the hole onto the ice and we’re celebrating after that,” said Nitz.

Nitz and Gishkowsky actually met each other after they both came off the ice, trading fish tales and sharing a fist bump and a picture.