(WFRV) – An American transportation holding company with several workers in Wisconsin has announced it has permanently shut down operations, laying off over 22,000 nationwide.

According to a letter submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD), Yellow Corporation and its operating affiliates, YRC Inc., USF Holland LLC, New Penn Motor Express LLC, and USF Reddaway, Inc., have shut down their regular operations.

Yellow Corporation says they were not able to provide earlier notice of the shutdown, as it qualifies under the “unforeseeable business circumstances,” “faltering company,” and “liquidating fiduciary” exceptions outlined in the WARN Act.

Yellow Corporation expects all layoffs and location closures related to the shutdown to be permanent. They originally had hoped to complete one or more transactions and secure funds and business to prevent the closing of the locations but were unable to do so.

“These circumstances were not reasonably foreseeable at the time notice would have otherwise been required, and notice is further excused because the business is being liquidated,” said Yellow Corporation.

Officials say that up to around 22,000 employees at locations across the United States will be terminated, and a job bumping system will not be available. Furthermore, no other employment opportunities at different locations will be available.

Over 100 workers in Wisconsin are without a job due to the layoff, including 86 in Neenah, 85 in Oak Creek, 46 in Tomah, and 24 in Mosinee.

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