GREEN BAY, WIS. (WFRV) – The Denver Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers 19 to 17 on Sunday and Packers fan, Larry Kittoe, says he continues to have big expectations for the green and gold. 

“I’m going to be patient. It’s just a young team and, you know, a very young team, and I had hope, we had hope until the last three minutes,” explained Kittoe. 

The Packers are now 2-4 on the season and fans say they are hoping to see the team improve. “I think it really sucks, I think they should just do better,” said Molly Delain.

“I knew it would be a tough game. Denver’s still a good team, the Packers are young, so it is going to take some for them to get rolling. Overall, a little disappointed, I always want a Packers win,” stated Justin Wyngaard. 

Kittoe says he plans to support the Packers win or lose. “We got a brand-new quarterback, we got a brand-new quarterback, and let’s see what we can do and I’ll keep dressing up game home, away, we will get it, we’ll get it,” said Kittoe. 

The Packers will look to get back in the win column next Sunday as they host the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field.