GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Former Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers debuted a different shade of green on Monday Night Football for the New York Jets, but only four plays in, he went down.

With uncertainty in the air, it has now been confirmed that Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon and will miss the remainder of the season.

Despite moving on from Green Bay, Rodgers had an impact on the Green & Gold faithful, as Local 5 News caught up with several fans to talk about the injury.

“I’m honestly devastated,” said Kayla Zeise from Green Bay. “I was rooting for the guy.”

It was a common theme as most Packers fans felt bad for the future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback.

“We are ready for that next era with Love, but we love Rodgers as a player,” said Zane Statz from Green Bay. “He’s been a great attribute to the team for many years, so to see that he went on to this new journey but only played four plays and is out for the season is really hard to see.”

Sheryl Laehn from Bangor echoed Statz’s comments, saying she was very disappointed and was looking forward to watching him last night on Monday Night Football.

“To hear the news this morning, it’s just so devastating for him,” added Laehn.

Rodgers, who is already up there in age for the average NFL player, could be faced with a decision to retire after the season-ending injury. Packers fans could be gearing up to see the man who brought Green Bay a Super Bowl career come to an end.

“I’ll always be thankful for Aaron,” said Tom Stolper from Berlin. “All of the years he gave us here and the Super Bowl, you never want to have bad things happen to someone like that.”

The Achilles injury to Rodgers has an effect on Green Bay, as the quarterback had to play at least 65% of the snaps for the Packers to get a first-round pick from the Jets. Obviously, that will not be happening, so Green Bay will fall out of the first round and take the Jets’ second-round pick.

“It was hard to see him go, and that will affect our picks now,” said Zeise. “The Packers, I think that we’re going to have good luck with Jordan Love.”

“It would’ve been great to have the first-round pick, but at least we’re going to get something for this, but we are still missing Aaron Rodgers here in Green Bay as well,” said Laehn.

While Green Bay will still have its first-round pick, a second-round selection is not the worst thing in the world, as the Packers are known to strike gold in the second.

“Not all first-rounders really make the grade,” added Stolper. “A lot of them don’t do anything, and lower ones get it, so hopefully that’ll happen from the second round.”

Zach Wilson will take over the quarterback position for the Jets for now, but there are multiple reports that the team has begun reaching out to veteran quarterbacks.

One thing is for certain: we won’t see Aaron Rodgers on the field for the rest of the season and maybe for the rest of his career.