NEW HOLSTEIN, Wis. (WFRV) – Food and shelter are things many of us take for granted, but for others, those things are luxuries. Dozens gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the “Holyland Food Pantry” 

“When we give, we get and if we give for the right reasons if we give to service our neighbors, it comes back to us,” said Elizabeth Achter, a Holyland Food Pantry Volunteer.  

Elizabeth Achter is one of more than 100 volunteers aiming to make a difference.

“In people holding doors or people saying hello or smiles, it doesn’t have to be I won the lottery, it’s the small things in life that we give and then we get, and we get and then we give,” said Achter. 

The pantry will distribute food and toiletries to 40 households each month. Board director Mark Diederichs says he was fortunate growing up, but not everyone shares that story. 

“We were fortunate growing up to have food on our table every day and when you see in the community people that don’t, it just inspires you to want to help so,” explained Diederichs. 

President of the pantry Kevin Ditter says the community plays a vital role in their service.  

“It’s basically a way of celebration we’re completely appreciative of all the support that we’ve gotten from our local community to be able to support other people who are in need,” stated Ditter.  

The pantry looks to add more volunteers to its roster. Achter says she takes pride in having a positive impact on others.  

“The needs are everywhere, they’re on every corner, they’re in every car, we don’t know what people are struggling with and it’s not our job, it’s our job to service them and to help when we can,” explained Achter. 

 For more information on the pantry call 920-286-1333.