KENOSHA, Wis. (WFRV) – One bar in Wisconsin decided to close its doors and surrender its licenses following multiple shooting incidents.

Las Margaritas posted on its Facebook page that it is officially closing. The licenses were reportedly surrendered to the city. Las Margaritas said it chose to close.

The business decided to close following the violence that was associated with the establishment. On September 18 just before 2 a.m. police responded to Las Margaritas.

Four people had gunshot wounds, two of which ended up dying.

Back in August, two people were reportedly shot near the establishment. A person showed up at Las Margaritas’ door with a gunshot wound and collapsed.

Las Margaritas addressed comments about the establishment’s choice of music possibly playing a role.

For those of you saying music and dancing influenced the loss of life or the Bar encouraged this behavior well your just as ignorant as the shooter. Ignorance and Disrespect for life caused this. If you keep faulting the race, the music genre or the establishment you are missing the Real Issue because the loss of life is in our schools, shopping stores, gas stations, neighborhoods…….. This was a DRIVE BY Shooting.

Las Margaritas on Facebook

The establishment also wanted to thank its security team, bartenders and DJs. The Facebook post has over 60 shares and 200+ engagements.

The full post and statement can be viewed here.