(WFRV) – A non-profit organization is reportedly seeing multiple instances of loons in Wisconsin with hooks embedded in their skulls, and officials are hoping to identify what/who is causing it.

According to the Raptor Education Group, Inc., multiple loons have been hooked in the face in Oneida County. The loons are reportedly getting ‘expertly’ hooked in the face/skull area on three different lakes.

  • North Buffalo Lake
  • Little Bass Lake
  • Dorothy Lake

The three lakes are only separated by a few miles. Experts reportedly suggest that the loons are being cast on and caught with treble hooks. These hooks are then set into the birds’ skull near the left ear opening.

It was also mentioned that the birds could have been sitting during the incidents. Additionally, ‘there is some concern’ that the loons may have been captured and then impaled.

The pictures posted by the Raptor Education Group were reportedly verified as three different loons.

Those who may have information regarding the incidents are asked to report it to the Wisconsin DNR.

Loons are an important part of our Northwoods Lakes and play a huge role in our economy. Too frequently people know the individual involved but say nothing. Please help loon remain a part of our Northwoods and continue to play a role with their mysterious calls and unapparelled beauty.

Raptor Education Group, Inc.

The Raptor Education Group, Inc. is described as a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of native birds and public education of wildlife including conservation efforts. More information can be found on its website.

The Facebook post has nearly 1,100 shares and over 150 comments.

No additional information was provided. Photos of the alleged incidents can be found here.