HORTONVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – A man from Milwaukee with nearly 1.5 million YouTube subscribers made the trip to the Black Otter Supper Club in Hortonville to try to cram down a slab of prime rib.

Randy Santel, who is from Milwaukee, has won over 1,000 eating challenges and wanted to tackle one at the Black Otter Supper Club in Hortonville. Somehow, Santel consumed ten pounds and seven ounces of prime rib.

He ate it all in one hour nine minutes and forty-eight seconds. Santel complimented the food but said he might be taking a break from prime rib.

I am done with prime rib for a really long time. But I really enjoyed it while I was eating it. That was delicious food. Would really love to come back here to Black Otter Supper Club for a normal meal.

Randy Santel

Santel is the founder and owner of Food Challenges, and more information can be found on his website. He also has over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The full video was posted on the Black Otter Supper Club’s Facebook page.