(WFRV) – As people hit the roads for Memorial Day weekend, motorists may see a few vehicles with no front license plate attached. Is that allowed in Wisconsin?

If two license plates are issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), state law requires both plates be attached to the vehicle. One must be on the front and the other on the rear.

State law also says that motorists could forfeit up to $200 if a license plate is attached in a ‘non-rigid’, ‘non-horizontal manner’ or in an inconspicuous place to make it hard to see and read the plate.

AutoList provided a list of each state that does not require a front license plate. Twenty states reportedly don’t require a front license plate.

Recently the Neenah Police Department reminded residents how to get a replacement plate if some of the coating is starting to peel off. State law also requires that registration stickers be placed on the rear license plate.

Those looking for more information on license plate information can visit the WisDOT’s website.