(WFRV) – Those who have been pulled over by law enforcement because of something hanging from their rearview mirror may have wondered, ‘Is that illegal?’

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s website, it is not legal to drive a vehicle with things hanging from the rearview mirror.

The reason it isn’t legal?

It is an obstruction of view.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wisconsin State Legislature 346.88 (3)(b) says:

No person shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway with any object so placed or suspended in or upon the vehicle so as to obstruct the driver’s clear view through the front windshield.

Wisconsin State Legislature 346.88 (3)(b)

Some of the more common items that can be seen hanging from rearview mirrors include the always popular fuzzy dice as well as graduation tassels.

Fuzzy red dice on a vintage red car in Havana

How much would a penalty for be violating section 346.87? Wisconsin State Legislature says that any person found in violation may be required to pay not less than $20 nor more than $40 for the first offense. That amount increases to not less than $50 nor more than $100 for the second or following convictions within a year.

Those amounts can be increased if the violation results in great bodily harm or death.

Now what about driving a vehicle without a rearview mirror? Well, to the surprise of nearly no one, a vehicle must have a rearview mirror in the state of Wisconsin.

There must be a rear view mirror located inside or outside the vehicle, or both. Side mirrors are required if you cannot see 300 feet to the rear.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has an entire FAQ section on its website that answers a lot of enforcement questions.

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