(WFRV) – The Wisconsin DNR has coyotes listed in the common nuisance and urban species group, but is it legal to hunt them?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the trapping and hunting of coyotes on your property are legal without a DNR license. This applies year-round. On the DNR’s website is a list of nuisance, urban and damaging wildlife that provides details on certain species of animals.

The DNR does list the following options as other ways to help manage coyotes:

  • Remove potential food sources such as open garbage cans, bird feeders and pet food bowls. Never intentionally feed coyotes.
  • Do not provide food and water for other wildlife. It may attract coyotes and their prey.
  • Clear brush and undergrowth in your yard.
  • Use scare tactics if you see a coyote. Yell and make loud noises, shake or throw pop cans filled with coins, throw a ball, shoe, sticks or other objects or spray the coyote with water. You can also buy ultrasonic dog repellents or pocket-sized air horns.
  • Install a 6-7 foot high fence buried approximately 1 foot deep to help keep coyotes out of an area.

Citizens in the Milwaukee and Madison areas can reportedly add coyote observations to their local iNaturalist webpage. This information helps researchers and managers understand urban coyote behavior.

Officials say that in some cases, coyotes may attack and kill small pets, but attacks on humans are ‘exceptionally’ rare.

More information can be found on the DNR’s website.