(WFRV) – Motorists in Wisconsin may have seen someone sitting in the back of a pickup truck and wondered… is that legal? Well, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has a FAQ page that answers that question.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), people over the age of 16 can do so if they are seated in the box. It is illegal to sit on the sides, and no child under the age of 16 can ride in the open cargo area of light trucks.

The WisDOT tells Local 5 that the language on its website is correct based on this Wisconsin statute.

What about the pickup trucks that have a topper? Well, it is allowed as long as the exhaust system extends beyond the body of the truck.

WisDOT has an entire FAQ page that includes a part on transporting passengers. Another question on that page is about how many adults can sit in the front seat of a car or in the cab of a pickup.

There is no limit, as long as the passengers don’t obstruct the driver’s view or impede the driver’s ability to drive. All original seat belts must be used as well.

The FAQ page can be viewed here.