DODGE COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Authorities in a southern Wisconsin county are warning the public of a loose bull that escaped a nearby stockyard, warning that it is not friendly and will charge at people.

A Facebook post from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, states that the bull escaped from the area of the Milwaukee Stockyards near STH 16/60 and CTH J on Friday afternoon. Deputies say the area is between Reeseville and Lowell, and east of the Columbus area in southwest Dodge County.

Authorities are describing the bull as ‘dangerous’ and ‘not friendly,’ adding that ‘it will charge at people.’ Due to the threat it potentially poses, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has been asked to euthanize the bull if it is found.

Residents, hunters, and anyone who may be driving through the area are asked to use caution when near the above-stated area. It was noted that there have not been any sightings reported to authorities since it escaped.

If someone crosses paths with the loose bull, they are asked to contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office at (920) 386-3726.