GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Fans tell Local Five News they are confident the Green Bay Packers will complete their unlikely playoff run with a win against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Just over a month ago, the Green Bay Packers were 4-8 and trailed the Chicago Bears at halftime in what would have been their third loss in a row. Green Bay won that game and rattled off three more victories in a row to put themselves in a position where if they beat the Lions they will make the playoffs.

“We came off that bye week rejuvenated, fresh with a new mindset and we knew that we had nothing to lose these last few weeks of the season and we got out there and played together had fun and the results have been where they needed to be,” said Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard.

On Tuesday afternoon, there were very few people hanging around a rainy, cold Lambeau Field. Of course, by Sunday that will all change.

“It’ll be rocking and rolling, the twelfth man will help them win,” said Packers fan Doug Magray.

The Packers are on a four-game winning streak and thumped the Minnesota Vikings 41-17 last week at Lambeau. This has fans feeling very confident ahead of the game against the Lions.

“With the game that we showed last week we’re going to be spot on again and we’re going to win by 30 some points,” said Packers fan Christopher Handler.

“It reminds me a lot of our last Super Bowl and how we finished the season strong and I just think about running the table and I think we can continue that,” said Loren VanDenberg.

“You thought it was possible, but you don’t know for sure, you just hope,” said Magray.

According to, the Packers have a 61 percent chance of making the playoffs. In mid-December, the Packers’ playoff odds were at six percent.