GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis has been at the head of the department for almost 6 months, hitting the ground running with all of the criminal activity the city has seen in that time.

“It’s been busy, and really the only thing I have to compare it to is where I was before, which was pretty busy,” said Davis. In an interview with Local 5’s Eric Richards, Davis says it has been what he expected. “Overall it has been really good. This is a great Police Department,” he explained.

There has been an uptick in violent crime, which Davis says he has a game plan for. A part of that plan is getting to know the department in which he leads. “I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 5 months getting to know people within the organization. It’s small enough where you can reach just about everybody,” he said.

Davis also says he is really impressed with his command staff from Sergeants and up. “The thoughtfulness of the people here, with their work ethic and the sense of wanting to do good police work and do it the right way,” he added.

In the morning hours of Wednesday, Feb. 23, an investigation was launched into a shooting investigation on Locust and Minahan Streets. No victims were reported and so far there have been no arrests. Near the start of Davis’ administration, he announced a “Gun Violence Reduction Strategy” which is a multi-level approach to curbing crimes involving guns citywide. “We’re making progress, as you know there are three parts to the strategy. There’s the investigative part, where when one of these events happens we are able to investigate as quickly as possible. We are trying to break the cycle of incidents and retaliation. That was going to be the fastest and easiest part of this,” said Davis.

The next part of the strategy is focused on patrol and deterring the crimes from happening. “We are developing patrol-based teams to do intervention and prevention work. Working with the community, getting the know the Folks that we see a lot,” said Davis. He adds that he wants more visibility on patrol. Selections for the teams involved will be made within the next two weeks.

The third and final part of the strategy is developing an advisory team involving members of the community and the department. “We want to put together a small but effective advisory team, involving our community stakeholders to work with that unit,” said Davis. He adds that he wants to avoid creating collateral damage trying to solve any of the issues.

Davis says if anyone is interested in joining the committee, they can reach out to the department for more information. “We will engage with anybody that we can on this issue, we do have some people in mind. What we’re looking for is people who have insight into the problem (gun violence) including someone with lived experience,” he said.

When asked about what his legacy will be after his time as Chief is over, he says that is yet to be seen. “You of course have what you want it to be, and then you have what it actually will be. I want to get us as an organization to a place where we have the safest medium to large size city in the United States.”