SUAMICO, Wis. (WFRV) – The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park alongside the NEW Zoological Society said farewell to Neil Anderson, the Director of the NEW Zoo after retiring from the zoo on Friday.

Anderson spent almost 30 years with the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, where he was a key contributor to the development of expanding the zoo and turning it into a world-class facility.

“I’m proud of the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park’s many accomplishments over the last three decades,” said Anderson. “It’s been an honor to serve the people of northeastern Wisconsin and to see how our community has been so supportive over the years.”

Anderson was also very grateful to those who came out and visited the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park alongside the donors that made expansion possible.

“It’s been bittersweet,” said Anderson. “It’s hard to believe that 30 years have passed and I remember when I was 31 years old, the view we have right here didn’t even exist.”

Carmen Murach, the Curator of Animals at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, will be taking over as interim director. Murach held Anderson in high praise during an interview with Local 5 News.

“Neil has been an incredible asset for the zoo out here. I’ve been working with Neil for about 30 years and his focus on community and his involvement, he’s just done so much for this place,” explained Murach.

For more information about the Northeast Wisconsin Zoo & Adventure Park, you can visit its website here.