GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Baby formula is the latest thing to go into scarce supply.

“Up until like three weeks ago I had no problem finding my particular formula,” said mom MaKayla Schuh. She, like so many others, says that changed recently.

“My particular formula that I’m using is becoming a shortage because other moms are having to resort to it,” she said.

Certain batches of formula brands were pulled after reports of infants getting sick earlier this year. The main company that produces it under different brand names also had to shutdown. The combination of those two things is making formula scarce on the shelves.

“It’s a very scary time to be a parent who can’t breastfeed their child or their child can’t have breast milk,” said Schuh.

Because it is so difficult to find formula, many parents are turning online to find it, and doctors warn to proceed with caution.

“We definitely want things that are FDA-regulated because there’s a lot of stuff out there,” said Dr. Sneha Subbarayan, a pediatrician with Thedacare.

In addition, Dr. Subbarayan says you should be careful with sites like Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.

“The last thing I want parents to do is give their baby something that is sub-optimal that will then cause detrimental issues,” she added.

Many times, she warns, good intentions do more harm than good.

“With diluting formula, I want to make sure parents aren’t doing that either because that’s another way people try to stretch their supply,” Dr. Subbarayan warned.

For MaKayla and many other moms, they hope things get back to normal soon.

“It’s definitely snowballing,” Schuh said. “People are panicking and nobody has answers.”

While manufacturers are starting to ramp up production again, it’s not telling how soon parents could get some relief.

If you are a parent and worried about running out of supply, Dr. Subbarayan says you should contact your pediatrician. They can usually help point you in the right direction. Another option is to check with local food banks. Many of them also carry baby formula.