APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – With Appleton’s Oktoberfest happening on Saturday, local community members got together on Friday to show off some rare vehicles.

Around 400 cars were on display at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center. From rare-edition to very-low-production, there were several vehicles to see.

Local 5 News caught up with one of the participants who was showcasing his 1935 Chrysler, which he turned into a woody wagon.

“Chrysler did not make wagons in 1935,” said Tim May. “I bought a four-door Chrysler Sedan, it was all metal, and as I started taking it apart, I determined that it was in a pretty sorry state and I wanted to make something fun out of it.”

May continued to say he always wanted a woody wagon and that was clearly enough motivation to create his very own out of a 1935 Chrysler.

While May had a very unique car built from his hands, other participants flashed sleek designs, throwback masterpieces, and all-American classics.

Bob Piso brought a very rare, one-of-one vehicle to downtown Appleton when he showcased his 1969 Mercury Cougar.

“Out of 174 [made] with a factory sunroof, 121 with an automatic transmission, and 120 with tilt steering, it’s the only black one painted from the factory in 1969,” explained Piso. “It has what’s called a sports value package, this thing was really a high option vehicle in its day.”

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Piso also told Local 5 News that the event is more than just the cars.

“It’s the people. Everybody here, they’re just wonderful. They’re definitely Wisconsinites and the food is great. It’s a very temperamental crowd, you’ve got your old timers, your young guns, it’s great,” added Piso.