GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Country Music Star Frank Ray was at the Green Bay Police Department ahead of his performance at the Resch Center to talk with officers about mental health issues.

Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis said Ray’s visit was encouraging to the officers, and any positive feedback for the work they do never goes unrecognized.

“To hear some positive reinforcement for the work that our officers do and to see the growing awareness in the public conversation about police mental health is great,” said Davis.

Mental health continues to be a focal point in the department, especially after receiving the news of Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving, who was fatally shot while chasing down a robber suspect Tuesday morning.

“It’s always hard losing an officer,” said Chief Davis. “It’s always on our minds, especially when it’s this close to home, and with the connections that our two organizations have, we want to be supportive of the Milwaukee Police Department, but it’s a reminder of the risk you take when you go out, and you do this work every day.”

Local 5 News caught up with Ray after the private conversations he had with the Green Bay Police Department, where he said talking about the officers’ well-being is crucial to the success of the department.

“This was an incredible opportunity for us to be able to show the officers of the Green Bay Police Department and anyone in the surrounding areas that there is someone in this capacity, with this platform, that cares about their mental health and somebody out there actively trying to start an initiative that showcases our support for them.”

Expanding available resources was one of the key points that Ray made during his conversations, saying he wants to make sure all officers have a safe space they can turn to when times get tough.

“My whole thing is to go out there and talk about it,” said Ray. “It’s ok. In the most cliche way possible, it’s ok to not be ok, and that’s the angle here.”

For more information about mental health, you can visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website or call the number 988 if you are in a mental health crisis.