POY SIPPI, Wis. (WFRV) – Tundraland Home Improvements gives back to Veterans, and recently provided Veteran Leonard Langkau with a bathroom makeover, thanks to the organization’s “Baths for the Braves” program. 

“I have a lot of mobility issues and stepping over the tub and trying to hang on and not fall was not safe, so this will be so much safer and so much easier to use. I’m not as young as I used to be and I do not bounce as well,” stated Langkau. 

Tundraland Home Improvements started its “Baths for the Brave” program in 2016, and Vice President of Sales Bill Willcome says they take pride in helping those who served. 

“Being able to give them that piece of mind, that safety aspect back in their homes, is something that we are extremely proud to be able to help and give back to our Veterans,” explained Willcome. 

Langkau says he plans to put his new bathroom to good use. 

“It’s really pretty awesome to have people shake your hand and say thank you for your service, it’s something I’m not used to,” stated Langkau. 

Tundraland Home Improvements plans to help two more Veterans before the end of the year.