From great food and drinks, to family attractions, the city of Green Bay has so much to offer visitors and tourists, and right now 25 travel journalists have come to explore all our city has to offer.
Dennis Malcom Byron, a.k.a “Ale Sharpton” came to Green Bay from Atlanta, Georgia.
“I go around the world writing about beer and covering the food that surrounds it,” said Byron.
This week, him and a group of freelancers, bloggers, and social media specialists from around the country are exploring the area’s great local businesses on the list of popular tourist attractions.
“I try to give people experience through film, Instagram, photos, and also through television, videos online through my blog, and through a lot of magazines I write for,” said Byron.
This “vacation” isn’t just about food and drinks. These 25 journalists will also write about family tourism and transportation in the city, all to give national and international attention to Green Bay.
Visitors come from New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Tampa just to name a few.
Brenda Krainik of the Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau says having these visitors can be really important to the city.
“When the stories show up in publications around the country, or on blogs, or Instagram photos, we’re able to communicate to so many different audiences to try to get them interested in traveling to Green Bay,” said Krainik.
Not to mention, this is an all expense paid trip for these writers to explore Titletown, paid for by the city of Green Bay.