Keep Your Pipes from Freezing When Subzero Temps Hit

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Single digit temps will hit our area Thursday night.

Not only should you keep yourself warm, but you should think about protecting your home’s pipes.

“The most important thing is any pipes on the outside wall get some insulation over them if they’re that close to the wall,” says Andrea Hay with Green Bay Utility. “And if it’s going to be subzero temperatures that means that that pipe has a good chance of freezing.”

There’s no shortage of tools to cover your pipes, but another key to keeping them warm is getting them some heat.

“You can put a heater in there, make sure it’s a safe heater, one that has safeties on it,” says Katy Martin, owner of Martin Hardware. “(One) that shuts off or if it overheats or gets too hot in the room, tips over or something of that nature.”

If you plan on leaving your home unoccupied for some time just make sure there’s warm air circulating.

“If you have to leave a door open, leave a door open so that there’s heat from the upstairs of your house or from a certain room,” says Martin. “Some people like to close up their doors, leave those doors open so that you can get heat throughout the rest of the house.”

It helps to know your home’s habits.

Do the pipes usually freeze?

“If you have a history of freezing pipes a lot of times some people already know that they have that history and they do a water run or they just let their water run the width of a pencil,” says Hay. “It’s important to know that the water utility does not cover that cost.”

Remember these are preventative measures you can take so be sure to take action before the temperatures dip.

“We really hope that homeowners are proactive in this situation because it can be really annoying to have your water shut off because of frozen pipes,” says Hay.

Green Bay Water Utility says if your pipes do freeze you can call them to come unfreeze them, but you will have to pay a fee.

Not all cities in our area have utility companies that will make house calls so before you depend on their help see if they’ll be able to assist you if you find yourself with frozen pipes.

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