GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – As northeast Wisconsin prepares for a snowstorm, mail carriers prepare to deliver. Local mail carrier Jack Mannion says he looks forward to delivering mail even during below-freezing temperatures. 

“Packages at Christmas, diplomas around high school time and college time, it is wonderful to see this happening in our community; I am glad to be a part of it,” stated United States Postal Service city Letter carrier Jack Mannion.  

For nearly two decades, Jack Mannion has served as a mail carrier. Mannion says he takes pride in serving. 

“I enjoy knowing my customers, seeing them on a daily basis, watching their kids grow up, providing them with whatever services they’re utilizing through the United States Postal Service,” said Mannion. 

During his career as a carrier, Mannion has often worked in the snow and says working in colder temperatures presents its fair share of difficulties. 

“When the temperatures drop, I don’t know of a carrier who has not fallen, to be honest with you it happens, I’m probably going to put some cleats on after this storm that just happened to try to keep me on my feet,” stated Mannion. 

Mannion says carriers do what they can to protect themselves from hypothermia. 

“We have hand warmers, pockets, keeping warm with warm liquids and also staying hydrated even when it is minus subzero temperatures that’s key too,” explained Mannion. 

As Mannion continues to make deliveries he asks residents across the state to clear their driveways of snow. 

“I know it’s tough for everybody in the wintertime however a clear pathway will allow us access to the mailbox safely, and that’s what we’re truly asking for, we don’t want any interruptions in service for our customers, so keeping the pathway clear is essential,” stated Mannion.

Assistance on how to locate a late delivery can be found here.