GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Schools all over Northeast Wisconsin celebrated Veterans Day a day early with ceremonies, singalongs, and assemblies.

Kennedy Elementary School in Green Bay celebrates with a parade through the school to honor veterans. The students hold patriotic signs, wave red white and blue streamers, and some even dress up in costumes. One of the costumes that really stood out was one student dressed as a bald eagle.

School officials invite veterans to come watch the parade. Many of the veterans are parents or grandparents of the students.

“It was exciting just to be there in front of veterans,” said fifth grader Preston Struck. “If veterans weren’t here our lives would be entirely different.

After parading past the group of veterans two times, the students then sang patriotic songs.

“It made me happy that we showed them respect they showed us respect,” said fifth grade Khalid Duby. “They saved our lives by fighting wars.”