ALGOMA, Wis. (WFRV) The traumas caused by the pandemic are many. And for some, their worries revolve around having enough food to eat each day. Kris Schuller visited a food pantry in Algoma, dedicated to help the hungry along the rural Lakeshore.

Inside the Kewaunee County Food Pantry – it’s distribution day. As boxes are packed up with food and handed out to people like Tracey Belgum.

“Hard times since Covid? A little bit yes, yes. It really helps out when you can’t make things meet,” said Belgum.

Since the early 90s this pantry has been in operation, providing nutritious food to those in need.
Ken Marquardt has been its president since 2011.

“Our mission is to help families in need fill in food for them when they are having hard times,” said Marquardt.

Roughly 40 percent of the food distributed comes from the federal government. The remainder is donated by Walmart or supplied by Feeding America; items like rice, beans, eggs and fresh vegetables.

“It’s good that we have this to fall back on, because some people are hurting every day for food and some kind of thing,” said volunteer Agatha Paul.

“Kewaunee County has a large population of elderly people and a lot of those people, they don’t get a lot of social security money. And if that’s what they have to live on, it’s difficult sometimes,” said Marquardt.

With 400 households registered with the pantry the organization distributes up to 13,000 pounds of food each month. Supplies that supplement families dealing with a variety of issues, some connected to the pandemic.

“Some are embarrassed when they first come. But after they get to know us they are not embarrassed anymore, because we are here to help,” said another volunteer.

People like Belgum, who says she’d be lost without the help she finds here.

“You do what you got to do and it’s really appreciative that they are here,” said Belgum.

Tomorrow the Kewaunee County Food Pantry is hosting a USDA “Farmers to Families” food box distribution. As 500 boxes of food will be handed out starting at 10 a.m.