LUXEMBURG, Wis. (WFRV) – Kewaunee County will build a new $25 million jail. It was a quick decision from the board of supervisors after 22 years of back and forth on the project.

Proponents of the project as it now stands say it is necessary to protect the safety of inmates and the community.

Scott Feldt, the Kewaunee County Administrator said, “You want to make sure you have a secure facility so that way the inmates that are there will stay there. But in that same respect the inmates that are there are safe as well. And what that means is you have proper lighting, you have utilities, you have program space.”

The project will use $4 million the county already has, the other $21 million will be debt in the form of bonds. This will add about $40 to taxpayers bills each year over a 20 year period.

Daniel Olson, the Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors Chairman said, “We’ve been able to get the jail down as reasonably as possible. So it won’t be extravagant that’s for sure. It’s as bare bones as you can get but yet still be functional.”

The 20 supervisors had to vote twice, first to approve the design and estimated cost and again to approve taking on debt. Both proposals passed in 19-1 votes. The one no vote said he believes it should be left up to the people.

Milt Swagel, the Kewaunee County Board Supervisor for District 12 said, “The general public I talked to said they did not want this. That’s what I found out. They wanted the chance to vote themselves.”