Latest Marquette Poll Shows Approval of Evers, Support for Minimum Wage Increase

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The Marquette Law School has released their first poll since November’s mid-term, touching on subjects  from the government shutdown, a wall along the Mexican border, raising minimum wage in Wisconsin and voters thoughts on Governor Tony Evers. 

39% approve of Governor Tony Evers’ first few weeks in office, while 22% disapprove. 

Healthcare and schools have been a hot topic for Evers throughout his campaign and in his State of the State address. 62% of people say that Wisconsin should accept federal funds to expand Medicade, 25% oppose the idea. 

When it comes to education, 55% prefer to increase spending for K-12 public schools, while 39% want to reduce property taxes. 52% prefer to keep gas taxes and fees where they are currently, but 42% favor an increase for both. 

This year, 22 states will increase their minimum wage, Wisconsin not being one of them. 55% support  a minimum wage increase, 39% oppose the increase. 

Neighboring Michigan recently legalized marijuana, here in Wisconsin, 59% of people say that marijuana should be legalized, 35% oppose it. Back in September 2014 when the question was asked, 46% were in favor, while 51% opposed. 

In the lame duck session that took place in December, former Governor Scott Walker supported a bill that would reduce the power of Evers. 15% strongly agree with the reduced power, 16% approve somewhat, 14% disapprove somewhat, but overwhelmingly, 41% strongly disapprove. 

Nationally, thoughts on the government shutdown and a wall along the Mexican border have been hot topics. 44% of Wisconsin voters are in favor of building the wall, 51% oppose. In the August 2018 poll, 41% were in favor, 54% opposed building the wall. 

When asked about the government shutdown, 29% support the shutdown over funding the wall, 66% oppose. While there are many moving parts in the shutdown, 43% believe that President Trump is responsible for the shutdown, 34% believe Congressional Democrats are responsible, 7% say Congressional Republican are responsible, however 14% say all are equally responsible. 

State Representative Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh reacted to the Marquettte Law School results, 

“This poll confirms that the people we represent want us take the Medicaid expansion, fully fund our public schools, and pass non-partisan redistricting reform. The reason Governor Evers won in November is pretty simple: he listened to the people of our state.”

You can read the full Marquette Law School poll here

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