(WFRV) – The importance of staying alert and aware of what’s going on around you while operating a vehicle is the message law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin are reminding drivers of with ‘National Move Over Day.’

Departments and agencies throughout the state, including troopers, deputies, officers, and firefighters alike urge drivers to slow down and move over for authorities who are pulled over to the side or shoulder of the road.

In a Facebook post, the Appleton Police Department reminds motorists about the ‘Move Over’ law.

The law reads:

The Move Over law requires drivers to move out of the lane closest to stopped law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, utility or highway maintenance vehicles that have their warning lights activated. If unable to move over, vehicle operators must slow down. Violations can result in a citation of $263.

Some agencies have also stated that it will have targeted patrols to enforce this initiative, including the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office.

But in all cases, this law and initiative is about safety, not just for authorities working on the roads but for everyone who shares the road together.

Working roadside is one of the most dangerous places we find ourselves. Sadly people lose their lives every year and many more are injured. At the end of the day, we have families we want to go home to.

Algoma Fire Department

National Move Over Day is held on October 15. Learn more about work zone safety here.