APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Lawrence University welcomed its 17th president, Laurie Carter. Carter has become the first person of color selected to serve as president of Lawrence.

Carter’s journey in higher education began many years ago at Juilliard School where she became the first African American administrator in the prestigious university.

She used her position to create pathways for those coming behind her. Carter admitted during the interview, her initial dream was to practice law. Her dream came to fruition because Carter is an attorney but her journey would lead her to education.

Carter has been president for seven months and has already made strides at the university. She is hoping to not only impact the students but also impact the community.

She meets regularly with the Mayor of Appleton, Jake Woodford to discuss ongoing community issues and how they can plan to make things better.

Lawrence University Board of Trustees unanimously selected Laurie Carter as president. Not only is Carter a trailblazer, but she is passionate about students and their futures. She said arts is a valuable part of learning and as education continues to evolve, it is important that Lawrence is ahead of the curve.

Lawrence University is hoping to build on diversity with the help of President Carter. The university has continually made strides over the past few years, but they know there is more work to be done.

Carter also said she understands the magnitude of being the first person of color to hold the presidential title. She went on to say, “Just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be here. And it doesn’t mean that we are not blazing the trail for others who are coming behind us and hopefully it’ll be easier for them.”