CRIVITZ, Wis. (WFRV) — Partially due to age, partially due to COVID-19, a legendary Crivitz barber has decided to put away his hair cutting clippers for good after decades of service to the community.

Local 5 photojournalist Brandon Fuller went out and found more on the life and legacy of Jerry Kapalczynski:

“It’s old-time and it’s an old-time haircut. I’ve been barbering a total of sixty-six years. Since 1954, when I got out of high school. I worked for my dad for six years. I went through all the apprenticeship and the journeyman, then I opened my own place in Milwaukee. I had purchased this here corner beforehand for the future in case we ever moved up here you know. We did so we came up here, I’ve been barbering ever since. My customers that, they were all super guys, they weren’t cash register receipts or anything like that. You got to talk to each and every one of them and they were all close. They were friends, they got to be friends, they weren’t just numbers or something. Three customers that come here, I cut their dad and grandfather’s hair in my dad’s barbershop. My dad cut them in Milwaukee. And I’m up here and I’m cutting. So this is the 5th generation of that family that I’m cutting their hair. I figure I gotta retire now because all my kids are starting to retire.”