GREEN BAY, Wis.(WFRV)- The Lego display event returned to the Bay Beach Pavillion after being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Thousands attended the two-day event to see displays of “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter” and theme park attractions. “This is actually really cool and I don’t get that many Lego sets,” said 10-year-old Banning Abbey of Two Rivers. Banning and his family attended for the first time Sunday. “My mom and dad thought it would be fun just to look at all the cool Legos here,” said Banning.

Over 50 tables were on display showing various levels of creativity. “We like doing this as adult fans of Lego, because seeing the looks on the kids faces when they see what’s possible is super exciting,” said Scott Vandeleest, co-lead of FoxLug. Also displayed, a tribute to children and adults who have died after a cancer battle. “This is hope castle, it’s built in memory of some of the kids and my sister who had cancer and passed away,” said Reed Yaeger of WisLug. Reed, showing Local 5’s Eric Richards his display saying he looks forward to a day when there is a cure for the disease. “I also have a cove of hope, which actually does have one person in it, “Maggie” who lives in Green Bay who is currently battling cancer,” said Reed.

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Venders were also on hand selling mini-figures, parts and complete sets of Legos. “Over a two-day period, I made more the first day than I did all of 2019,” said Derek Metzer owner of Pop’s Block Shop. Derek says he began selling about 5-years ago full-time. “I am also looking forward to the big event in Milwaukee, which will have a lot of people there,” said Derek.

All participants paid attention to detail, spending hours setting up for the Green Bay event. “My wife and I have been collecting and building for over ten years,” said Eric Krans of KLug. Eric says this is a labor of love for him and his wife. “Last Friday when we set this up, it took about eleven hours to complete this display,” said Eric.

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If you missed the Bay Beach Pavilion Display, there is a Lego event at Titletown on July 14th from 4pm-6pm called “Let’s build Legos @Titletown.” For more information about “Brickworld Milwaukee” click here.