License to Cruise Enters 27th Year, Kicks Off Fox Cities’ Octoberfest

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400 cars you’ll never find anywhere else were all staged right in Appleton for License to Cruise.

The kick off to Octoberfest is 27 years old, but that’s nothing compared to the age of most of the cars that were on display.

“We’ll go through and find cars that you don’t normally find at the regular car show,” says car expert Ron Hawkinson. “They’re cars that aren’t driven that much, cars that have original paint on them that you really don’t want them driving around on the road because it devalues the car.”

But that doesn’t matter to one couple.

The pair drove all their children home from the hospital in a classic Camaro.

And 44 years later they still use it to hit the highway.

“My husband saw it at a dealership and he says we’re getting this,” says Gladys Cass. “I said okay!”

“We just wanted a family car, we didn’t think it would be a collector car,” says her husband Don Cass.

And it only cost them a little less than $800.

Other car enthusiasts are willing to splurge on their wheels.

“I like speed. Other than that I just like the body style,” says classic car owner Bob Reinke. “There’s a lot of different cars down here, a lot of different interesting ones. They are nice to look at. It’s something different every year, it’s never the same thing.”

When License to Cruise first started 27 years ago there were only 12 cars to show.

Now they have an additional 388 and organizers only expect that number to grow.

“All of the car manufacturers now are starting to really get back in to hot rods because a lot of hot rods you can go right in and buy a brand new car that’s as fast as any muscle car was back in the muscle day era,” says Hawkinson.

So whether you like speed or good ole style, keeping one of these is no easy feat.

For all you car enthusiasts out there who didn’t make it to License to Cruise Local 5 has footage of owners telling us all about their cars that we didn’t get to show you in this story.

Just click on the YouTube link below:

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