APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Appleton Mayor Jake Woodford presented awards and certificates to two good samaritans, a lifeguard, and the aquatic staff who saved a child’s life on July 16, 2022.

On July 16, lifeguard Lola Levin noticed an unresponsive child at the slide’s base and immediately took action.

Michelle Biese from De Pere and Nate Franzke, an off-duty police officer from Frox Crossing helped out Levin, where the three successfully performed lifesaving efforts on the child, who was experiencing a medical emergency at Appleton’s Erb Pool.

“Thanks to the training retention and prompt response of the City of Appleton’s aquatic staff and the support of two good samaritans, the lifesaving effort was a success,” said Woodford.

Mayor Jake Woodford presented Levin with a Mayor Commendation and gave out certificates of recognition to Biese, Franzke, and pool staff who aided in the response and ensured services to other guests continued.

“If it was not for the lifeguard’s awareness or response, I believe the child would have been in the water longer, which would have made lifesaving efforts more difficult,” Franzke said.

Mayor Woodford made sure to recognize every staff member working at Erb park during the event. “Oftentimes when we think about the response to an incident like this we think about just the individual lifeguard who’s responding but it really is a team effort because pool operations have to immediately shift and adjust to what’s happening,” added Woodford.

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