“Lights for Liberty” protests detention camps at Houdini Plaza

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Pro- immigration group “Lights for Liberty” held vigils around the country Friday to advocate for an end to detention camps at the border.

The activist group has a chapter in Appleton who held their own vigil and protest at houdini plaza.

Some of the protesters in attendance have visited the border and shared what they saw while there.

Many speakers talked about what they called deplorable conditions at these detention camps.

Rep. Amanda Stuck was there and encouraged everyone to make sure they are registered to vote come November to vote in those that support their beliefs.

People told Local 5 what they felt when visiting these camps and how they’re hoping things will change.

“Driving up to this particular camp in Tornillo, Texas was actually a really visceral experience for me,” says Marie Luna. “I am a parent, I have a 12-year-old son and knowing that if his life was in danger I would do anything for him and I know that these parents and other family members come to the United States looking for asylum, which is legal.”

“Last summer we were here demonstrating about the same thing and it doesn’t feel like anything has happened, it’s really frustrating,” says Lynn Martin. “I think if we as a country and as a people we need to reach out and we need to figure out a way to do something. The time for talking seems to be over now.”

“Lights for Liberty” held more than 700 protests around the country Friday evening.

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