GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis joined Local 5 to talk about his transition into his new role and his vision for the department.

Davis mentioned that even though he was traveled from the West Coast, he has ties to the area. His wife is from Kaukauna and he is originally from Ohio.

When it comes to his vision for the department, Davis says that he wants to build an organization that works with the community and is trusted. Additionally, he wants to make the Green Bay Police Department a great place to work.

Davis has been on the job for about three weeks, and he compared it to merging onto a very busy freeway. There is a lot of information to take in.

Davis brought up some of the biggest public safety issues in the area, including an alarming increase in gun violence. There is also property crime and traffic safety. Davis talked about drivers driving too fast and not stopping for red lights as two issues that have been brought to his attention.

The ongoing investigation of the homicide of Jason Mendez-Ramos was another topic that Davis discussed. Authorities are still looking for the community’s help. They are also still searching for the vehicle. The next step in the investigation is following up with leads and trying to find that ‘final puzzle piece.’

Davis mentioned that the department is in the process of developing a gun violence reduction strategy. He also said that social media can lead to gun violence. One example was an argument that starts on social media can escalate from there and create a cycle of gun violence. The department will try to find out the drivers of gun violence.