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Little Chute Announces Two New Development Projects

Two new development projects were just announced in Little Chute.  They include a retail store and a new senior living facility.

Dollar Tree will move into the vacant building on Main Street.  The building has been empty since Save-A-Lot grocery store moved out in early 2017.

The unused building is often called an eye sore, and residents and visitors want a change. 

"I'd love to see more lunch spots, maybe a place for happy hour, basically just more locally-owned business," said Kristen Cupp, who works in Little Chute.

Little Chute Village Administrator, James Fenlon agrees.  "We've been working with the property owner on all sorts of ideas," he said.

The building is the focus of a downtown master plan.  In a few weeks the building owner will begin construction, and Dollar Tree will move in shortly after.  It's expected to be completed before December 1st.

The renovation project will cost $1.5 million, and in addition, they are looking for up to six new tenants, such as small stores or even a restaurant.

Fenlon said, "There will be an additional 6 to 7 thousand square feet of leasable space, and per the designs, you'll see that a brewery/restaurant is on the table for potentially locating there."

The plan doesn't stop there.  Just a block away, an empty lot on Grand Avenue will also be the home of a $6,000,000 senior living facility.  That project will break ground this fall.


Fenlon states these projects are the first step in a long term vision of downtown, projects that will bring a fresh look to Little Chute.

"These are important pieces but there's more work to be done," he said. "There are more amenities we want to bring to the downtown, so as we kind of work through this, this is just a start, but it's a big step and it will help hopefully propel us forward on a few other things."


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