It is a trend that’s laying more eggs around the region–urban chickens. Little Chute has a petition looking for support in bringing chicken coops to the village.
A petition is making the rounds in Little Chute, and we thought we would check on how a recently chicken-approved city is liking the birds.

“It’s going very well,” said Chad Doran, communications coordinator with the city of Appleton. “I think what we see is that most people really appreciate having that option, having that opportunity if they so choose.”

Urban chickens have been the law of the land in Appleton since 2017, but it’s needed some ironing out.

“There was a process where neighbors could object to that permit and there were a couple of objections right off the bat to a few,” he said.

Chicken advocates say it’s pretty much an extension of a backyard garden.

“I really like the idea of urban farming and being a little bit more connected with your food,” said Israel Del Toro, a multi-chicken owner living in Appleton.

Appleton only has about 20 permits for chickens out there.
And a couple of the main concerns center around noise and cleanliness.

“In Appleton, we’re only allowed to have six birds at once with about 100 sq.ft. of run,” he said. “As long as you keep that ratio right, everything’s pretty much fine.”

Little Chute’s petition hasn’t been formally presented, but village hall is aware of it.

“As long as people do their part and are responsible for their animals, this shouldn’t be a problem,” said Del Toro.

You can find the Little Chute petition here.