GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – In response to a string of shootings in Green Bay, Police Chief Chris Davis and Mayor Eric Genrich held a press conference to go over plans of action and any additional details.

According to Green Bay Police Cheif Chris Davis, the Department responded to seven shooting incidents Thursday night, three that were in close proximity to each other on Berner St., De Leer St. and Hubbard St. At this time there have been three people arrested and they have recovered three handguns. They do not believe that anyone was injured. The three people arrested are:

  • Caleb Elijah Jamal Williams – Milwaukee resident
  • Wang Lee – Green Bay resident
  • Joshua Sepulveda – Green Bay resident

Charged for the above suspects have been requested.

While the investigations continue, Chief Davis says that they have gotten good leads from those in the community and urge anyone that may know something to reach out to the police department. Chief Davis goes on to that there will extra patrols in areas throughout the city, including he and Commander Warych who will be walking particular neighborhoods that have been impacted.

The City has also been in contact with the National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform that will be doing an audit of violence in the city starting early next year and after a few months, they will issue recommendations and guidance.

Both Mayor Eric Genrich and Chief Davis discussed a Neighborhood Response Team that will be deployed, once staffed, to respond to incidents like Thursday’s and act as a patrol unit. The community will be asked to weigh in on what they would like to see from the Response Team so that there is a shared understanding of the problem and actions going forward. According to Davis, this will be a permanent team that they hope to have officers part of by the end of January or the beginning of February.

The Community Policing Unit is currently working with communities and property owners in those particular neighborhoods to help them through the incidents and assist in making some of those locations less at risk for gun violence. On Friday and Saturday, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office will be providing some patrol resources while Green Bay Police are actively paroling communities and investigating the crimes.

Chief Davis goes on to stress the importance of focusing on the actual problem instead of casting a wide net like in the past. There will be a community meeting sometime next week

You can watch the full press conference above.