BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Local 5 News confirmed with police that the gun that wounded a Hobart/Lawrence Officer along WIS 29 was a Sig Sauer P320.

The gun, which was his department-issued firearm, has been the subject of lawsuits over allegations of misfires.

On Wednesday, the 7-year veteran of the department was shot in the hip while attempting a traffic stop of a man reported for erratic behavior.

The gun went off before the officer ever had any contact with the man.

Investigators say they have not determined yet whether it was a mistake by the officer or a gun malfunction. They believe an analysis of the body or dashboard camera video might provide better insight.

Recently, Milwaukee’s Police Department began phasing out the P320 because of officer injuries.

One of the most vocal opponents to this gun’s use by law enforcement is Troy, New York, Police Sergeant Michael Colwell.

He filed a lawsuit against the gun maker after he said his holstered Sig Sauer P320 went off by itself during a training exercise.

“The gun fired,” he told Nexstar affiliate WTEN. “My hands were off it. Didn’t have the trigger pulled. It fired, and it sent a bullet through my leg.”

Sig Sauer insists it is not liable for the injuries.

But the Sergeant’s attorney says he has dozens of cases of the gun misfiring.

He says the problem is with the trigger and that a loose fit and rollover on the safety lock and striker pin’s safety stopper contribute to the failure. The safety slips, and the gun fires.

“No gun should fire without the trigger being pulled,” stated attorney Ryan Zimmerman. “And the P320, we’re hearing this happening time and time again.”

Sig Sauer made an upgrade to the weapon in 2017 and issued a statement saying conditions like vibrations or a heavy drop could impede safety mechanisms.

To be clear, investigators with Wednesday’s accidental discharge here in Brown County say they have not concluded what or who might be to blame.