GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The American Legion Auxiliary presented an American Flag to WFRV Local 5 to use at our location.

Cathy Landry, a Vietnam War veteran, presented the flag to Local 5’s Chelly Boutott and Chad Roethlisberger on Wednesday.

Landry told Local 5 that people donate flags all the time, but she wants to make sure that when she gives them away they go to places where they are appreciated.

Landry is an Air Force veteran who joined the service in 1965 where she met her husband Fred who eventually would pass away due to complications of Agent Orange. The former hometown hero then made a promise to raise awareness about the seriousness of the chemical and how it affects the body.

“Vietnam Veterans are more susceptible because of their underlying illnesses whether they recognize it or not,” said Landry in a 2020 interview with Local 5.

Health issues associated with Agent Orange have resulted in respiratory cancers and other diseases that affect the immune system. Age-wise most Vietnam veterans are in the high-risk category.

Landry asked Local 5 to fly the flag with honor, and Boutott responded “We will and we most definitely will fly it. We really appreciate it.”