GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Across the county, travelers have been impacted by Southwest Airlines cancelations.

At the Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport, operations are running as normal.

“Fortunately, whatever was going on with Southwest Airlines, it did not impact the Green Bay airport,
Marty Piette, Airport Director said. “We still have our usual flights: United, American, Delta, and Frontier. They continue to operate as normal.”

There isn’t a clear cause of Southwest’s cancelations, but they did begin shortly after the pilots’ union tried to block the airline’s new Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Of the six major airlines in operation across the country, Delta is the only one that has yet to place a Covid-19 vaccine mandate in place.

Piette told Local 5 that the entire industry is keeping an eye on the pilots’ unions.

“It’s something we’ve kind of been watching throughout the pandemic, and the airlines are paying attention as well,” he said. “We just keep constant communication open with our airlines, and if there are going to be some schedule changes, we just try to communicate that to the passengers as quickly as possible so they can make other arrangements.”

There were some passengers at the Green Bay airport Tuesday who have been impacted by cancellations, but that’s because of the weather.

“We’ve had some weather impacts out of Chicago,” Piette said.

Darlene Pach of Escanaba, Michigan is one of those impacted travelers.

“Our flight from Chicago to Green Bay was canceled due to the weather,” she said, “so of course it was kind of an adventure to find a hotel in Chicago.”

Darlene and her husband spent Monday night in Chicago before catching a new flight to Green Bay Tuesday morning.

The Windy City has seen its share of passengers impacted by the Southwest cancelations.

“They said that the close hotels to the airport were all booked,” Darlene said, “so I felt blessed that we at least had a hotel room [and didn’t have to sleep] in the airport.”

The closest airport to Green Bay that Southwest Airlines flies out of is the Milwaukee Airport.