GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A local Green Bay artist has recently painted over the mural that he put up two years ago following reports of a confirmed Aaron Rodgers trade.

Local Five was there two years ago when Beau Thomas originally painted his “King of the North” mural behind the ‘Old School Bar’ in downtown Green Bay.

At the time, Beau told Local Five that he painted the mural to show appreciation for Rodgers and how much he meant to the city of Green Bay.

“Aaron Rodgers has been in town for a long time and just wanted to do something to kind of celebrate him and thank him for the good years and great moments.”

Two years later Local Five caught up with Beau again as he was covering up the mural he once spent nearly seven hours painting.

When asked about covering it up, Beau told Local Five, “The original mural was titled ‘King of the North’ with Aaron wearing a crown and as soon as he’s out of the Packers’ jersey I think the crown goes to somebody else next.”

As for who that next guy to get the crown could be, Beau says, “Hopefully Love lives up to expectations and we get some more wins.”

Beau did also add that he still appreciates all the moments Rodgers gave to Green Bay and wished him the best of luck as he appears to be headed to New York.

Rodgers finishes his career in Green Bay as the Packers franchise leader in touchdowns with 475.