GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A plan that would allow the NFL to flex Sunday afternoon games to Thursday night isn’t going over well with business owners around Lambeau Field.

At the end of March, NFL owners tabled discussions on the plan and will vote on it next month. The plan would only apply to games played in Week 14 through Week 17 of the regular season and the league would need to give teams a 15-day notice before flexing a game.

The NFL hopes that having the flex option will mean better matchups on Thursday night football which will help to increase viewership.

“Thursday nights are bad for business,” said Joe Zehren who is the owner of ‘The Bar on Holmgren Way.’

Many local business owners think moving games from Sunday to Thursday will mean fewer customers visiting their establishments simply because the crowds aren’t as large on weekdays. This is an issue because game day revenue makes up a huge portion of the yearly profit for many businesses around Lambeau.

Zehren said it’s also harder for them to plan entertainment when he doesn’t know exactly when the NFL will schedule the games.

“Because our crowds on Thursday nights are smaller, we typically don’t get as big of a band, so that impacts our band schedules and what happens the day before the game and Wednesday night isn’t going to be a Saturday,” said Zehren.

Over at Ticket King, manager Travis Loftus agreed that the flexing plan wouldn’t be great for local businesses. He also said it wouldn’t be suitable for fans who make travel and hotel plans months ahead of buying tickets to a game. He said making last-minute changes can be especially hard for Packers games because of how nasty the weather can get.

“It’s going to be a real inconvenience to the customer that buys the ticket when they do flex the game and they have to scramble to figure out what they are going to do, we’ll probably see an influx of people selling tickets,” said Loftus.

Packers president Mark Murphy also addressed the issue on Tuesday.

“I think particularly with our fanbase and the way that people travel to Lambeau Field flexing that Thursday night could be a real issue for us,” said Murphy.