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Local Community Hides Rocks to Bring Smiles

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Have you been seeing some fun painted rocks around Green Bay? There's a reason!

Green Bay Rocks, a Facebook group, has been encouraging locals to decorate the rocks and leave them around town, all in the hopes of making someone smile.

According to their Facebook group:

Rocks can range in creativity from inspirational quotes, hilarious pictures, or just abstract blobs of awesomeness.

They encourage people to hide the little pieces of art in public parks, trees, even benches, but ask participants to be safe about it. Keep them away from places where they may get run over by a lawn mower.

The group's creator, McKenzie Austin says her inspiration came from wanting to get her young son involved in the movement of leaving painted rocks around town.

... I wanted to create a rock group that was more focused on getting the family together, young ones included. Children see the beauty in everything, so even finding a rock with a splash of chaotic colors was thrilling to my son.

The rocks could be designed and found by nearly all age groups; I thought it would be a nice way to bond with kids inside the home painting rocks, and outside the home hunting and hiding them.

If you see one of their creations, or want to add one of your own, check out their group on Facebook Green Bay Rocks to join and post a pic!

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