MARINETTE, Wis. (WFRV) – After laying eyes on one another for the first time while at work, two local lovebirds are tying the knot and taking the term ‘loyal employee’ to a whole new level.

Casually meeting around two years ago while working at Marinette’s St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Thrift Store, Scott Kopish and Laurie Hinkens had no clue they would be saying “I do” in that exact location.

SVdP announced Friday that they are happily getting ready for their first autumn wedding as Scott and Laurie, prepare to wed right in the middle of their sales floor during a private ceremony on September 11.

“Watching the relationship between Scott and Laurie blossom has been truly beautiful. To see people down on their luck, find each other and push one another to grow in a positive way is what we are all about,” shared Executive Director, Ashley McKinnon.

According to SVdP, when Scott and Laurie first started working, they were each dealing with challenges of their own. When Scott began working at the store, he was struggling as a single father dealing with an injury related to a previous job while Laurie dealt with a potentially terminal diagnosis stating she had one to two years to live.

Yet, despite their individual obstacles, it seems that upon meeting each other, their lives turned for the better. “When I saw him for the first time, I got a big smile on my face, and boom,” said Laurie, who reports her mental and physical health has drastically improved since meeting Scott. “The pancreas that was almost shot is now better… That just doesn’t happen with a pancreas,” said Scott recalling the improvement in Laurie’s health.

However, Laurie wasn’t the only one seeing positive change. “I remember sitting at the picnic table outside of work and praying to God. I said, ‘God, send me an angel. Send me somebody who is good for me and my daughter. I will not accept any less’ and then, boom,” shared Scott.

Fast forward two years later and the couple is ready to be married at the place that brought them together. “I don’t know how I can explain it… We met here. It would be great to get married in this building. I just thought it meant something,” said Laurie.

While the couple admits wedding planning can be stressful, they say the process has been easier than they imagined for their relationship. “Everything has been perfect. Whatever perfect is. If it’s not perfect, it’s a hair under it,” Scott said.