DENMARK, Wis. (WFRV) — As of March 16, there are now 23 states with confirmed cases of Avian flu, including Wisconsin. A farm in Jefferson County has now killed more than three million birds to stop the spread.

“If the bird is destroyed, there’s going to be no eggs, and you can’t replace them for six months, so it would wipe us out if it would happen on our farm,” said Nancy Kellner, who runs a poultry farm in Denmark.

Kellner, like other farmers, is keeping a close eye on bird flu.

“Right now, we are sitting OK because, knock on wood, we haven’t seen any signs of it,” she said.

She explained she has learned a lot about the virus since the last major outbreak in 2015. What is happening now is especially important for those that have backyard chickens because of how easily it spreads.

Kellner suggests people keep the birds confined in their coops or even consider a special area for them that helps keep them away from outside birds.

While on a “normal” day anyone could go inside the barns for chickens or turkeys, things are being kept under lock and key in order to stop any potential transmissions. Bird flu is spread that easily.

“It’s highly contagious, it kills a lot of birds, you want to stop the transmission of this so that it doesn’t affect more of the poultry production in the United States,” said Dr. Jeff Pothof, the Chief Quality Officer for UW Health in Madison.

Dr. Pothof said if you are worried about potentially catching the virus, it’s rare, but can still happen.

For the folks who are taking care of those birds in Jefferson County, they need to be careful, they need to have the right gear, they want to make sure they don’t expose themselves, but for the general public this shouldn’t be too big of a problem,” Dr. Pothof explained.

Back at the farm, they are hoping for a warm-up like the rest of us.

“Wet, cold, rainy weather is what brings this about,” added Kellner.

Doctors say there is no food safety risk associated with the virus. That’s because it is killed when someone properly handles and cooks poultry and eggs.